The Importance of Allies (Alliances) in the Kingdom of God!

There is an obvious momentum that is taking place, not just on our forum, but in the corporate body of Christ;  there is no better time or season than right now for apostolic fathers and apostolic shepherds to ARISE & LEAD!! That is why it is so important in this dispensation to be properly allied for the greater glory of the Kingdom of God. We are united to transform and bring the saints and ministries together for the sole purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God through uniting, allying in prayer, worship and prophetic intercession. This produces therein the goal to plot the strategies revealed and “GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD”…….


Definition of Ally:

  1. to unite or form a connection or relationbetween –  associate He allied himself with North Charleston Apostolic Center
  2. to form or enter into an alliancetwo factions allying with each other


The Definition of Alliance:

– a union or association formed for mutual benefit

– a merging of interests

– a bond or connection of parties

– a relationship among people joined together for mutual benefit

There are numerous alliances spoken of in the scriptures going back to Genisis 14 v 13 where Abram was in alliance with Mamre, Eschol and Aner. During these early days God’s people were always at war with someone or some nation. Alliances were common in order to bolster your numbers for a stronger attack and it also reduced your enemies.

We should make note though that not only are there Godly alliances, there are ungodly alliances.

In Exodus 23 v32 the Lord tells the Israelites that when they enter the promised land “Do not make a covenant with them or with their gods.” and verse 33 goes on “……because the worship of their gods will be a snare to you.”

So as a result of knowing there are Godly and ungodly alliances we must do our due diligence to ensure that we are walking according to God’s leading when we are coming into agreement or into alliance with individuals or with other ministries. Proper alliances bring forth a significant bond, and a heavenly unity. That is God’s desire for His church. This is important to the body of Christ in this time and season.

In the upper room, the Holy Spirit came when they were in “one accord,” — when they were in unity. When we come together in alliance, in unity, in one accord, we come together in strength and the power of the Holy Spirit. This is pleasing to God. This is what God has intended for His church. A church united! As we unite, His blessings are poured down and are evident in our ministries.

Upon aligning with the North Charleston Apostolic Centre not only have we been surrounded in the love and fellowship of the people here, which has been amazing, but God has further catapulted us beyond measure and blessed our ministry with “unusual” open doors for us to spread the Good News with signs, wonders and miracles following!

This alliance has brought the love, support and encouragement that we needed to progress deeper into walking into our calling and destinies. Stepping out for God is not an easy cross to bare, there are always bumps in the path. This alliance has helped to smooth some of those bumps.

The prayer support, prophetic words and most of all the love we feel is like an energy drink that helps us run the race and fight the good fight. The monthly conference calls with teachings and times of sharing helps us to grow and fellowship with like-minded people and ministries around the world.

We stand in alliance with our like-minded brothers and sisters in faith to unite the church as God has intended. To be in strength, wisdom and power, to give all glory to God and to complete our callings in His will and His time.

We need each other because a magnificent God has given grace to every member of His body.  A part of knowing God lies in discovering the beauty He has placed within His body and sharing with each other our unique perspective of who God is to us!

Yes, there are things in all of us that are inaccurate or incomplete. That’s why we need one another to move forward to a more accurate revelation of Jesus Christ and a more complete relationship with His Church!

For us, we know that being properly aligned has truly stretch us out of our comfort zone and as we fully understand that to run this race well we cannot be lone rangers!  Now is the time to CONTACT, COMMUNICATE, and CONNECT with other leaders in other areas for the greater purpose — to stop building “a ministry”, but together to “build the Kingdom of God”.

This is the time to come into full alignment, build relationships, take dominion over and occupy the land. It’s time to stop building walls and time to start tearing down walls!

It’s time to stop walking alone. It’s time to merge the people to come together and build together. It’s time to build “Kingdom Culture” with God’s blueprint to build and restore — for the greater works will manifest the greater glory and greater miracles in Jesus Name!

Allied for the Kingdom!

We end in this … Ecc.4 v12

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”   AMEN!

Apostles Todd and Sandra

Shammah Outreach Ministries

Toronto, Ontario CANADA