7 Exercises to Prepare for the Great Event

We all know that something is getting ready to happen. What? Well, that we do not fully know. What we do know is that for some of us it will be a good thing for others, it will not be so good. This event will be a survival of the fittest. It is an event of Champions. God has selected His Champions, and so has our opponent. Listed below are instructions that have been given to our body to strengthen us and prepare us for the weeks that are ahead. These exercises are a must and need to be practiced every day. They are to become a lifestyle. In doing so (your part), you are promoting good health for the whole Body. We are Champions! Together we will walk in the blessings of this event, but, we have to be fit. Remember, only the strong will survive!


Exercise 1: Know your Season (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)

It is important that you know and understand the season that God has you being trained in at this time. It is important as you are being prepared to fulfill your responsibilities for the event. Do not get caught up in the drama that your season can bring. That is an area (drama) that satan, our opponent, can use against you. Stay focused and learn the lesson, then grow from there!



Exercise 2: Be a Light (Mark 4:21-26)

We cannot be afraid of the dark. Do not be a light that tries to hide under a bush. In doing so you are cutting yourself off from the source that allows your flame to burn. In the natural that would be oxygen. In the spiritual, our source of fuel comes from God himself. If we do not shine in the darkness, then our flame will go out. Why? Because we have hidden ourselves from God himself! If you have ears, please hear this!


Exercise 3: Demonstrate Power (1 Corinthians 2:1-5)

We must allow God’s power to be demonstrated in our lives every day. Remember, people are tired of talk. They want to see power. Do not think it strange when they begin to stare at you or take note of you. They are not sure what they are feeling, but something positive is coming from you. It is the virtue of Christ, the same virtue that flowed from him into the women with the issue of blood. Be in his presence and he will be present in you!


Exercise 4: Work with Passion (John 3:16)

“For God so loved the world…. “He wants to continue to show His love to the world through us. Be careful not to get offended with the world. There are things out there that are distasteful and offensive. These things hurt God’s heart. But what is more painful and offensive to Him is when His own people who are called by His name do not shine their light, demonstrate His power, or get past themselves to learn the lessons of their season. All of this is so that we can participate in His love for the World. Learn to work with passion. Love the World!!!!


Exercise 5: Consider the Ant (Proverbs 6:6-8)

The ant is one of the wisest most productive of all insects. She never sees an obstacle that she cannot get around. She is busy about her work gathering and storing food. She is preparing for something. She has no leader over her telling her what to do. She knows what to do and she does it. We have to practice doing what we know to do. We should not have anyone over us constantly telling us what we need to do. We need to gather, store, save, prepare, read our Bibles, pray, and exercise. Consider the ant and practice her ways. Don’t be the sluggard. The diligent will reap the benefits of their productivity!


Exercise 6: Give Thought to Your Steps (Proverbs 14:15)

Do not be simple minded. Don’t believe everything you hear. Check things out for yourself. Study to show yourself approved. Research and investigate. Ask lots and lots of questions. The only questions that do not get answered are the ones that were never asked. Do not do something and be ignorant as to why you are doing it! Know the purpose behind each action. Consider or give careful thought to your steps or the things you do. You are responsible and accountable for your own actions and deeds. You can no longer lean on the excuse, “Well, so and so made me do it!” You must be wise in knowing what God’s will is for you in every situation and opportunity.


Exercise 7: Walk in Empowerment and do not be Enabled (Romans 11:29)

God will not do for you what He expects you to do for yourself. He has placed inside of you gifts and talents. Everything that He needs to perfect is work in you is already there. It is up to you to discover them and put them to Kingdom use. We cannot use the excuse, “I was afraid and timid.” That will just not impress him. These gifts will not be taken nor will they be excused. You and I will be held accountable for what we do and do not do with them. God is not going to pamper us in our confusion and indecisiveness. He does not enable, but, He does empower. It is time to walk in that POWER!


You are encouraged to study and reflect over these and practice them everyday. The Holy Spirit may also give you more personal instructions that pertain only to you. Do whatever He says. He knows what you need to be in the rink with Champions. Your opponent knows your weakness. He has overcome you before in these areas. This is a time for you to be strengthened and fit. You will be victorious and enjoy the rewards and benefits that this event will afford!


Remember: It’s a Good Time to be YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apostle Angela Henderson